“Emily is a forward-looking education leader in designing education programming and developing education policy. Any organization would benefit from her expertise. And, in addition, she is an effective and dynamic teacher, and an all around really nice person!”

Randy Wilhelm, CEO, THINKronize, Inc. - CEO Co-founder Knovation


“I met Emily at NECC and instantly there was a spark that drew me into the conversations with her. She is a great collector of information where she synthesizes that information and then summarizes it for the group she is working with. I watched her work to customize a presentation at BLC, Building Learning Communities, where she drew a crowd who appreciated her work and valued that the presentation spoke directly to them. Emily is able to provide meaningful presentations

and support for any 21st Century questions you or your group may have.”

Cheryl Oakes, Tech Coordinator/tech Integrator,

Wells Ogunquit CSD

“Emily and I crossed paths in August 1996 launching an art-based interdisciplinary high school, Booker T. Washington Magnet High, which has gained national recognition. Emily possess tremendous talents, gifted with visionary ideas and practical solutions. She exhibits enormous energy and passion. Emily would be a clear asset to any organization.”

Martin Dukes, Education Administrator, Alabama State Department of Education

“Emily is a knowledgeable, cutting-edge consultant and writer. In her consulting work she is thorough, focused, and an effective communicator. Her writing is inspiring. In my work with Emily, she always goes above and beyond expectations

to provide first-rate assistance and follow through.”

Anne Jolly, Educational Consultant and President of PLT Works

“Emily is a knowledgeable and tireless advocate of 21st Century learning strategies. She is a "connector," who is linked to people across the country and world. She is reliable, committed and intelligent -- three very valuable characteristics for a consultant!”

Cathy Gassenheimer, Executive Vice President for the Alabama Best Practices Center,

A+ Education Foundation of Alabama

“Emily is a passionate, caring educator with her finger on the pulse of change.  She cares for students

and also the effective use of technology and works very hard to promote positive change with the organizations in which she works. I know Emily through Twitter, the blogosphere, and the fact that she came to my school for a day to spend observing my classes, students, and methodologies.

I found her questions probing and insightful and found her a delight to be around.”

Vicki Davis (aka Cool Cat Teacher), Teacher,

Technology Administrator, Westwood Schools

“I reached out to Emily seeking feedback for an edtech startup idea I'd been thinking about. Damn! I wasn't prepared for what came next. First, Emily dropped a ton of knowledge and resources I needed to wrap my head around. Then, over a series of emails and calls, she pushed and pulled on me and my idea, not letting me get by with pat answers. She really made me think about what I want to accomplish and provided feedback on everything from the big idea to the interface details. Emily's like the coach who holds you to a higher standard than you're holding yourself. And she helps you push farther than you would alone. Emily, thank you so much.”

Kevin Jenkins, Edupreneur

“Emily was one of the best teachers I ever had the privilege of working with over my thirty years as an educator. She was always an innovator and far ahead of others in her vision and her approaches to teaching and learning. I enjoyed watching her succeed with her students, and at the same time, serve as a leader of other educators on a state and national level. Seeing individuals learn at optimum levels stimulates Emily, and her use of technology as a teaching and learning tool is one of her greatest strengths.”

Cheryl Carter, Former principal  - Currently serves as

Executive Director Leadership Montgomery